As the winner of an invited international competition, REX worked with Daimler AG to create a museum for Mercedes-Benz’s explorations into the future. Along with additional facilities and landscape elements, this new building—coined the ‘Future Lab’—will complement and expand their existing campus in Stuttgart, Germany.

Throughout the extensive competition and schematic phases, the design underwent a series of iterations to better express Mercedes-Benz’s brand values and evolving curatorial concepts, and to integrate an exhibition strategy by TRIAD Berlin. During this process, REX developed three schemes for the Mercedes-Benz Future Lab & Campus Extension, the second with a total of three variants (MBC 2.0 and MBC 2.1, succeeded by MBC 2.2). They are presented here in order, from MBC 1.0 (image above) as the earliest design to MBC 3.0 as the current iteration. We have included extended descriptions of all versions, offering insight into the evolutions of this complex design challenge.


Scroll through the images to access MBC 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0.

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